Six months into his time at Yellow Jigsaw, William reflects on what he has enjoyed the most, his development from starting out as a Kickstater with the title of digital marketing trainee to swiftly earning the role of business development officer – and not forgetting his other title of expert movie buff. Now a fully fledged member of the team, he is looking forward to future project developments. Read what he has to say here…

“I was watching a video called Children of Men: Don’t Ignore The Background by nerdwriter1, a really pretentious case study channel, a channel you would watch so you could sound more knowledgeable about subjects like art or poetry or in my case movies. Well, this quote from the video stuck with me “So much attention is paid to the foreground, in a lead story, that the background can go by without much notice”

“This particular quote stuck out to me, since I started working with Yellow Jigsaw, I have come to realise how true this is, because all the background work is what brings clients and our own projects to life and makes such an impact.

“I have had the pleasure of working on so many amazing projects and opportunities since I started from Yellow Jigsaw client work to Media Cubs and Talking Generation, as well as moving from digital marketing trainee to my brand new fancy title Business Development Officer, I have been everything everywhere all at once which is a cinematic miracle of a movie about possibilities.

“Possibilities, in my opinion, are why it is so exciting to work for Yellow Jigsaw. There has never been a time where I have felt my skills and knowledge become stagnant, since taking on this role I have developed my primary and secondary research skills and put them into practice with business development ideas. My favourite memory of working with Yellow Jigsaw is going back to my old primary school, and seeing Kirsty and Jodie’s passion for working with kids and upskilling them on all things media and giving each individual child from the most outgoing to the shyest – a platform to shine.

“It’s very rare that you find a business that doesn’t fit the Wu Tang Clan lyrics “Cash rules everything around me” making Yellow Jigsaw gratifying to work for. Especially when calling up businesses to get partnerships for Media Cubs, as it does feel like a scene from the Wolf of Wall street playing out, but instead knowing you’re offering fantastic opportunities and experiences for children. The feeling of getting a response from an organisation saying they want to work with us is amazing – as I know my business development is working and it makes me feel a great sense of accomplishment.

“Another highlight is learning how to make stop motion videos, and being part of the creative planning process of making a lesson plan from the ground up, which felt surreal. Watching the Lego movie in 2014, I did not realise the enormous amount of effort it takes just to make 25 seconds of movement, knowing that the Media Cubs mini reporters will get to have fun playing around with stop motion, and maybe inspire the next generation of movie makers is wonderful!

“And to top it off, working on the MyGen website has been a joy, learning website design, and researching improvements for the website for a specific audience has made me consider the different business development opportunities available.

Being part of the growth of each of Yellow Jigsaw’s projects has been very exciting, and I will continue looking forwards to seeing how far we can go in the future.