When should I launch my press story?

Recently, we were asked via our YJ LinkedIn page: “When is the right time to launch your press story?”


“We are excited to have our first celebrity ambassador, we are waiting for a photo of them but hope to launch this Thursday. What will help us guarantee coverage?”

Whether you have a new ambassador, service or staff member to announce – timing your story is a key factor of success.

This does not mean you need to launch ASAP: quite the opposite!

Understandably, you will be excited about your news: but holding back until you have everything you need for a strong press story is important.

In the case of the organisation who asked us their celeb ambassador question, we recommended they WAIT. Why the rush to launch on Thursday?

Instead, take the time to stage a newsworthy photo. The new ambassador or staff member in action, the service at full capacity – remember, a photo can make or break a story so it is worth waiting for. Get more tips on taking the perfect snap in this Vault Guide.

Also, think about other national conversations that you may relate to your story: holding back your announcement to ride on the back of national coverage about a new law, report, celebration or event will strengthen your chances of getting picked up by the press.

There are exceptions to this rule: if you have an event or you have recently won an award, it is crucial to distribute your story as soon as possible.

Write your story ahead of the event if you want people to attend and send at least a week in advance to press. Word of warning: an event invitation in itself is not a news hook – read this Guide to learn how to create one or learn more about our training.

If it is a post-event piece, write the bulk of your story ahead of the event so it is ready to send as soon as possible after the event concludes. You can send a press release ahead of time and mark it as ‘embargoed’ until a certain date – and don’t worry: journalists will respect this date.

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