What makes the team at Yellow Jigsaw smile?

To celebrate World Smile Day (October 6) we’re sharing what makes us smile! What makes you smile?

Grace Dyke – Strategic Director

“The people we work with make me smile on a daily basis. It is a privilege to work with people who have an optimistic view of the world and who believe that careers are best spent trying to make the world a better place. Their optimism is infectious!

“Outside of work, my son, Joshua makes me smile, and his cheeky laugh at everything his Dad does!”

William Zhong – Business Development Officer

“Working for a social enterprise makes me smile because I get to provide exciting and fun opportunities to the young people that we work with and my colleagues make me smile.

“One thing that makes me smile outside of work life is creating new recipes because making something from start to finish feels satisfying.”

Kathryn Dainty – Social Media and Content Producer

“You get to work with the best people! The sunshine also makes me smile, everything is better when the sun is out!”

Jodie Smith – Senior Media and Content Producer

“Every day is totally different and I love seeing the result of something that everyone on the team has collaborated on together.

“Outside of work, trying new hobbies and skills makes me smile. It’s easy to forget about hobbies when you “grow up” or get busy. I love trying new things and seeing some progress.”

Kirsty Day – Media Director

“Working for a social enterprise makes me smile because of all the good eggs that we get to work with – firstly the YJ team, as well as fellow social entrepreneurs, charities or businesses that like to do good stuff, and individuals we work alongside in our commissions and project work. It makes me smile to know there are so many wonderful people having a directly, daily positive impact on themselves, their communities and society as a whole.

“Aside from work, my family and friends, especially when we are on long walks with the dog (ideally followed by a warm pub, with an open fire, a roast, cheese and wine) makes me smile!

“Secondly, CrossFit, while it may be a grimace while lifting the heavy weights, it certainly makes me smile afterwards once fitness has been achieved!”