As part of our community reporter project – Media Cubs – the Yellow Jigsaw team works with young people to up skill them in all things media and support them to broadcast their confidence.

During the pandemic the mini reporters led their own Media Cubs #RaiseYourHand campaign and as part of that took part in a LIVE Q&A press conference with Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham – and he survived!

Our group of mini-reporters gave him a grilling on what their future with be like post pandemic and they were impressed with his open and honest responses.

He said: “Your voice hasn’t been heard and you should have been asked. Young people have been the most affected by all of this but the way you have stayed positive has been amazing and I have heard lots of reports about the good things kids have been doing around Greater Manchester. I am so grateful to young people and to you for providing a voice for young people – keep doing what you are doing.”

The press conference was part of the #RaiseYourHand campaign led by our mini reporters to encourage other primary school kids across the whole country to share their questions about the pandemic and be part of conversations that will shape their future.

The questions were collected and sent to Downing Street.

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