Unlock Our Vault Of Expert Media Advice

Is your organisation not getting the visibility or credibility it deserves?

Ignite your inner media star by reading our free media guides created by experienced print and broadcast journalists

Unlock Our Vault Of Expert Media Advice

Ignite your inner media star by reading our free media guides created by experienced print and broadcast journalists

Common press release mistakes – and how to avoid them

Avoid press release pitfalls to ensure your organisation writes press releases that journalists actually want to publish


Securing press coverage: everything you need to know

Wonder how other organisations manage to secure press coverage? Keep up with competitors by mastering the art of securing impactful media coverage.

Smartphone Photography: How to Capture Images Journalists Will Love

Follow these guidelines to snap newsworthy photographs that journalists will want to use.



Message Matrix: the secret tool for media interview success

This tool will TRANSFORM your interviews and presentations: making sure they are on-message, succinct, and impactful.


The secrets to looking confident on camera

Whether you’re an experienced interviewee or a novice, benefit from expert tips that will help you communicate with confidence.


Mastering media interviews

Dive into this essential checklist to ensure you’re fully prepared to face the spotlight.

How to deal with difficult media questions: the ABC Technique

 The magic tool that will protect you against curveball questions and difficult interviewers. A must-have for all media interviews!


Preparing for when things go wrong: reputation risk management

Protect your brand’s reputation with smart strategies for staying ahead of reputation risks in today’s fast-paced world. Take action now!


Everything you should know about crisis communications

From a disgruntled employee to a stakeholder’s fall from grace, a communications crisis can hit any organisation – large or small.


5 tips to win over journalists

Master the art of media relations with these five expert tips that are guaranteed to win over journalists.


Branding on a budget: crafting professional marketing materials

Packed full of tips and free tools to get you started on your branding journey without draining your resources


The Pillars of Brand Consistency: A Blueprint for Success

Learn how to unlock the power of brand consistency – understand why it is important and how to get it right