Threads: new social media platform explained

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has waged a war with Twitter owner Elon Musk by launching rival platform, “Threads”.

Millions have already downloaded the app since its launch on July 6th.

But what’s different about Threads – and how could it benefit your organisation?

Here’s what we know so far:

The platform, described by its owners Meta as a “text-based conversation platform”, is alleged to be in direct competition with Twitter.

Despite this, the main takeaway from this “initial version” of the app is that heavy users of Instagram (also owned by Meta) will get the most out of it.

Users log in using an Instagram account. Their Instagram username carries over, and users have the option to follow the same accounts that they follow on Insta – as well as post links, photos and videos up to five minutes long.

Up to 500 characters can be included in each post.

Unlike Insta, Threads focusses on text-based discussions. The app aims to encourage more conversations between users and enables users to follow public conversations about trending topics.

It’s too early too tell just how influential the platform will be, but for organisations who benefit from the opportunities Twitter creates to network with like-minded people from their sector or industry, Threads may be worth exploring.

The app can be downloaded from your App Store on Apple or Android devices, or you can sign up via your existing Insta account by selecting “Threads” on the three-bar menu found on your profile.


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