For the past eight months, we’ve been working on an incredible project with the female empowerment social enterprise, Inspire Women Oldham  – and now, the organisation has a dedicated media team made up of women from Oldham who want to effect change for women from all backgrounds.

Through community reporter workshops, one-to-one support and events, the StrongHER Together media team have been on a journey of finding their voice and building their confidence.
We are so proud to see the content created by the team- including 32 blogs, 3 videos, 4 press hits and 4 podcasts (produced in partnership with Mic Media)-  but more importantly, we’re proud of the growth experienced by the newly trained community reporters.
Kirsty Day, project lead, says: “It’s been a privilege to work with Sally, Diane and the StrongHER reporters.
“It’s been both humbling and inspiring to see the achievements of the media team. One reporter in particular started the project very quiet – she did not believe in herself to be able to do the roles that we were suggesting and did not believe that she could increase her skills.
“Through the workshops and consistent encouragement – she has grown in confidence and ability. One of my highlights of the project has been seeing her take part in the What Women Want influencer event and ask questions of those in positions of power to make changes to mental health services and believe that her voice and opinions mattered and also seeing her take part in a news bulletin in front of a live online audience.”
Sally Bonnie, co-founder of Inspire Women Oldham, says: “This partnership came just at the right time for us; we had been building the capacity of our StrongHer Together/Inspire members during Covid through our “Dare to Change” and “Taking the Leap” empowerment programmes.
“The women involved were ready to spread their wings.  The approach from Yellow Jigsaw was fabulous from start to finish; Kirsty’s empathy and understanding of our members was a huge part of their growth journey in both confidence and skills.
“The collaboration with Vic from Mic Media worked perfectly too.  For organisations like Inspire it’s so important that our members have the capacity to share stories and to use their voices to shape and influence their futures- what better way than learning how to write and record stories.
“We have so much great stuff to share that has been so valuable to us recently. A particular highlight for me was the What Women Want launch event; so many of the women involved were fabulous, definitely learning in action.  I am sure the ladies will go from strength to strength using the skills they have learned.  I also know this isn’t the end of the journey for our collaboration and that makes me feel very happy!  On behalf of everyone at Inspire thank you for helping women to become more visible.”

Read here for more details of our community media training.