“Social enterprise” in one word

Thursday 17th November marks Social Enterprise Day. – an event to celebrate and showcase the amazing work of social enterprises across the UK. As a social enterprise, we’re passionate about raising awareness of the good that can be created by these unique businesses – but we know we’ve got a long way to go to raise the profile of this way of doing business so that it becomes the usual way of doing business: one that has a positive impact of people and places.

So, we thought we’d share what the term ‘social enterprise’ means to us in one word, to make it easier to get the message out there!

Kirsty Day: “Community”

There are many ways to describe social enterprise and what it means to me to be a director of Yellow Jigsaw but one word that stands out for me is: community.

Community is the foundation to success – a community that is passionate about a cause is going to create so much more change those with great ideas standing alone. And I love that.

Yellow Jigsaw and our projects Media Cubs and Talking About My Generation exist to take action in communities, whether that be to support other social enterprises to work with the media so they can galvanise support for the great work they are doing, transforming children into confident communicators or breaking ageing stereotypes. We would not succeed without people power in the communities that we work in and serve.

Jodie Smith: ‘Inspiring”

Working for a social enterprise has allowed me to continue my passion for media and journalism in an ethical way – in a way that actually does good and helps others. For me, Yellow Jigsaw is all about inspiring other people and showing them that actually – they can do what they thought they never could! I’m proud to contribute to something positive every single day.

Grace Dyke: “World-changing”

OK, so cheating a little bit as you could argue that “world-changing” is really two words: but this is the first term that springs to mind when I think of social enterprise. Poverty, climate change and inequality are pressing issues both on our doorstep and across the globe: and I truly believe social enterprise can make a positive difference to these challenges. If we re-think the way we do business, we can improve the lives of the people who are impacted by business activity.

Kathryn Dainty: “Impact”

Social enterprise makes an impact!

These are businesses deliberately created to make life, and lives, better in a financially sustainable way.

It is about making positive changes and addressing social injustice where we see it. Social enterprise is a better way to do business. Quite simply, it is the future.

William Zhong: “Unique”

Being a social enterprise is unique because we embrace those attributes and talents that most people would glaze over, we understand that uniqueness can be found in every aspect of a person, from their hobbies to creativity, and beliefs allowing us to broaden the horizons for the people we work with.

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