Got an idea or project you’re looking to develop? Our good friends at Flourish are now accepting applications to get involved in the 2018 free Mentor-a-thon and wider mentoring programme!Dc50fgVXkAESb3j

What is the Mentor-a-thon?

The ‘Mentor-a-thon’ is a 12 hour mentoring marathon where diverse women changemakers with broad experience across sectors, industries and communities come together in mini sounding board groups to help others trouble shoot a pertinent challenge they are facing with a project, business or organisation. It supports mentors to develop their problem solving and mentoring skills as well as offers intensive consultancy, connection brokering and personal development opportunities for women changemakers who seek support. Those who request support tend to just come for their 45 minute support session, those who mentor tend to come for 4,6 or 8 hours of the event.  People are fully briefed and supported about what to expect if invited to take part following their application.

Who is this aimed at?

Women creating positive social change, looking for support, connections, feedback and opportunities to personally develop or grow a project, business or organisation.  Founders, managers, people with ideas, people seeking to scale can access support from an independent and supportive groups of fellow change makers who have experience, connections and know how.  Plus can also have the opportunity to gain a cash award of £200- £500 to invest in themselves and their venture ad benefit from a period of ongoing mentoring support.

Women who are interested or able to mentor others, those who have been there and bought the T-shirt when it comes to  a wide range of skills which can help support women creating social change (Experienced Social Entrepreneurs, Marketeers, Finance Managers, Operations Managers, VCSE sector board members/trustees, Social Value Specialists, Commissioners, Enterprise Coaches, Leaders across public, private and community sectors).

See further details attached on the background and timescale to this programme to see if it is for you. Plus you can download a form to apply be a mentor, or apply to pitch a challenge and gain support and a potential cash investment.  If you have any questions please follow up with the Flourish Team directly by emailing . Completed applications must be emailed to this address before the deadline of 30th June.

This is a free support programme open to people across Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas and you can apply to be both a mentor and a mentee.  If you are already a Flourish Mentor and have been involved in our mentor-a-thon / mentored people as part of previous Flourish programme and would like to get involved this year, just email them to let us know your availability (you don’t need to fill in another form)

Download the mentor programme background and mentor application form today:

Flourish Mentor Programme 2018 Background Context and Programme of Activities (2)

Flourish Request a Mentor Form and Guidance 2018

Flourish Apply to become a Mentor Form 2018