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#ImNotJohn champion Rachel Ray is founder of Bright & Beautiful, an award-winning concept in professional domestic cleaning services. She says 2017 is the time to spring clean your life and have your ‘Eureka’ year!

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]I think we all experience a ‘Eureka’ moment a few, special times in our lives and if, how and when we act on them can truly change lives.

As we enter 2017 many women will experience that moment of clarity that inspires them to make this year the one when they will follow their dream and start their own business.

From securing a business loan, finally finding the time when the children start school or simply having enough of spending the weekdays doing something we hate – we all have our own motivation for becoming one of the thousands of women who are changing the start up landscape in this country.

My own flash of inspiration came when my children were small, I was drowning in dirty washing with ironing piling high, trying to care for two small children and a home and wondering how I would fit all that in with my busy career.

But the Eureka realisation wasn’t that I missed my work obsessed former self but rather that I had seen just how I could help her and people like the busy working mum I had become. All by creating a housekeeping business model that was focussed around supporting women, from busy career women and mums who need help managing their home to women wanting to find a better and more flexible way to work.

Most of the women I know today are huge supporters of other women who are starting their own business or wanting to grow and learn in the workplace. Whether it’s becoming a mentor, giving feedback on someone’s idea for their own business or simply unloading the stresses of the day over a cuppa, we like to see other women do well and are great at sharing our own experiences, advice and opinions.

And long may that continue.  Here too the digital revolution and social media in particular has been incredible in enabling us to build a business from nothing and to run it from wherever and whenever we need to be as well as creating forums for us to share problems, successes, advice, opportunities and introductions.

Yes, any new business owner needs to be realistic and you will have times when things are challenging. But if you’re doing something you love you will also be learning something new every day, meeting incredible people and creating a company that is unique to you. And nothing beats that feeling of seeing your product or service being enjoyed, talked about and appreciated by customers.

Starting my own business is the best thing I ever did and I’m so proud that Bright & Beautiful has enabled more than 50 women to do the same.

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