Project Spotlight: Stop Loan Sharks digital campaign with youngsters across Wigan
We’ve had the pleasure of working with some really amazing young people from Wigan Youth Zone on a very special project with Stop Loan Sharks, the England Illegal Money Lending Team.
The team of six young reporters worked with our Media Cubs crew across eight sessions to create a digital pack which increased awareness of loan sharks and illegal borrowing.
Stop Loan Sharks wanted to spread their message about how to spot a loan shark and how to report one safely, and the youngsters came up with ways to use current trends to help get the word out, whilst also being educated themselves on the dangers.
In total, their two YouTube videos, six Instagram posts and 12 TikTok’s amassed 10,000 views (and counting).
During the project, the reporters learnt a range of new skills including interview skills, presenting skills, camerawork, video editing and graphic design.
Their work was even picked up by Wigan Today who highlighted both the success of their project and the important work being done by Stop Loan Sharks.
Katie, young reporter, said: “I really liked this project because it brought out confidence in me that I never knew was possible. Thank you for all the great times and memories that we have made. I loved the experience and the laughs we shared, I would love to work on something great again.”
Kirsty Day, project lead for Media Cubs, said: ” Our reporters have done a fantastic job of spreading such a vital message while learning some new media skills along the way, such as camera work, presenting and animation, which has been excellent to see the development of.

“Young people know best about how to communicate with other young people, and they have definitely used this project as a force for good.”

Find out more and access the resources created in their project here.

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