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Have a dedicated communications team at your fingertips


The folks at Yellow Jigsaw come across charities, social enterprises and housing organisations on a daily basis who may or may not have a communications team, but nevertheless would like access to extra specialist support when they need it- be it press release services, copywriting a new brochure or website, broadcast interview skills, reputation risk management consultancy, or campaign management.

To respond to this need, we are offering the Pick and Mix contract for you to pick and choose what support you need on a monthly basis- giving you the peace of mind that qualified, trusted and experienced media professionals are handling your communications.

Here’s how it works:

1) We meet with you and do a communications audit to identify the gaps in capacity or skills with which we can help

2) We agree a number of hours a month that you would like us to deliver for your benefit

3) You pick from any of these 12 services on a flexible basis throughout the month


For more information about how we can provide the missing pieces to your communications, get in touch: hello@yellowjigsaw.co.uk

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