Grace: Why I’m speaking at the People’s Powerhouse Convention 2023

I’m eagerly anticipating the upcoming panel at the People’s Powerhouse This is the North convention 2023, where we will discuss what the North needs to have equal representation in the media.
The significance of this question cannot be overstated. The media plays a pivotal role in shaping public discourse, influencing opinions, and driving societal change. However, the current landscape reveals a stark imbalance between those who create the news and those who consume it. In the UK, 94% of journalists are white, 65% of news and business articles are authored by men, 51% of leading journalists and 80% of editors have a private education, and a mere 11% of journalists hail from working-class backgrounds.
This question is not merely about numbers; it goes to the heart of fairness, equity, and the principles of a democratic society. When the voices in newsrooms fail to mirror the diverse communities they serve, the stories told become one-sided, important voices go unheard, and accountability is compromised.
The North, with its rich tapestry of cultures and perspectives, deserves to be authentically represented in the media. This goes beyond mere diversity—it’s about creating an inclusive space where people from all backgrounds can confidently contribute their insights and feel that their perspectives matter. It’s about empowering the region to tell its own stories, reflect its realities, and influence the narrative.
We try to do our bit here at YJ; with projects like Talking About My Generation – the UK’s first older people’s-led news platform – and Media Cubs – our pop-up TV studio empowering children to broadcast their confidence.
But we need a wider overhaul of our media landscape to truly achieve equal representation.
Want to get involved in the debate? Join me at the convention – no ticket required if you’re planning on only attending our panel debate in The Larder.