Older generation reporters in Sunderland upskilled in broadcast interview techniques

Our older people’s led news project, Talking About My Generation, based in Greater Manchester, has inspired another group to form in Sunderland, with the help of Sunderland City Council and Sunderland Ageing Well Ambassadors.

The We’ar Shining the Light news team, made up of people aged 50 plus, captures stories that break ageing stereotypes and gather positive stories of later life.

They recently had a visit from our media director Kirsty Day and producer Jodie Smith to get some hands-on practice of broadcast skills.

The team were able to have a go in front of the camera, practising interviews with the public and vox pops (shorter interviews).

Wanting to find out how people feel about ageing in Sunderland, the reporters hit the streets and chatted with other local residents, finding out what’s good about the area and what could be improved.

They also had some fun with nostalgia type questions and finding out what the people of Sunderland have on their chips!


Jodie Smith, media producer, said: “It was great to be able to work with this group of keen volunteers and give them the opportunity to try something new and see the results of it in the videos too.

“We hope that the reporters will be able to take these new skills forward with them and get creating their own content across the city!”

Find out more about We’ar Shining The Light and Talking About My Generation, a project of Yellow Jigsaw.