It’s that time of year when we turn our attentions to self-improvement with New Year’s resolutions. But what resolutions can you make – and keep – to make 2017 the best year yet for your charity or social enterprise?

To jump start your success we’ve compiled 5 simple resolutions you can start today:

Start saving time

So many of our clients are rich in ambition, passion and heart – but low in time and resources. Start saving time on labour intensive tasks with easy tecchie tips and tricks such as using Hootlet to share news stories straight to your social media channels.

Start asking

You may have lots of ideas about what could be improved or what direction your charity should take- but stop and use January to ask clients and volunteers, as well as family and friends what their perceptions are of your work. An outside view can often transform the way you describe your charity, or develop new services- take Dig It North West, for example, who transformed their social enterprise with a simple name change and review of key messages.

Start learning

Technology is developing at a rate we have never imagined, leaving many of our clients feeling at a loss when it comes to keeping up with the digital marketing. Sharpen your skills by reading blogs regularly or joining a skills network like Big Heart– giving you access to expertise and monthly lunch & learn skills sessions.

Start measuring

How will you know if 2017 has been a success if you haven’t set goals to achieve? Use your feedback gathered when you ‘start asking’ to form realistic goals for 2017. Break them down into monthly targets so you can track progress.

Start networking

New ideas, connections and opportunities only happen when you meet new people. Try to attend one new event or meeting a month to broaden your network.

Why not make the free Big Heart lunch & learn taster event on Monday, January 30, your first? Register here now.