Message Matrix: the secret tool for media interview success

In the fast-paced world of media interviews, every second counts. Whether you’re representing a brand, a cause, or yourself, delivering key messages effectively is paramount. Too many of our clients have left interviews feeling regretful about the tangents they have taken, or the key messages they forgot to mention.
Enter the Message Matrix – a quick and easy planning tool that will ensure your media interactions hit the mark every time.
The Message Matrix helps you organise your thoughts, anticipate questions, and steer the conversation towards your desired outcomes. The basic premise is that your entire interview will take place within the confines of nine boxes: three key messages, three case studies/stats and three calls to action) which should all be variations of the same action).
During the interview, use the Message Matrix as your compass. Seamlessly weave your key messages into your responses, reinforcing them with compelling case studies or stats, and clear calls to action. The message matrix allows you to vary your narrative while always circling back to your core messages.
The beauty of the matrix is that it is an easy way to remember your key points – and, in radio interviews, it is even possible to take in your matrix to refer to during the interview.
Remember, brevity is key. With media interviews often being relatively short, every word matters. Keep your responses concise, impactful, and on-topic to make the most of your airtime.
By harnessing the power of the Message Matrix, you can confidently navigate media interviews, leaving a lasting impression while ensuring your key messages resonate with your audience. So, next time you step into the spotlight, let the Message Matrix be your guide to success.
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