FULL NAME: Paul Sherlock

AGE: 72.


Our reporter, Paul Sherlock, is a volunteer for AgeUK Salford – mainly at the Critchley Community Hub in Swinton. He enjoys local history, genealogy and photography.

He joined the Talking About My Generation campaign to use his skills in photography to capture people and events that will break stereotypes on ageing. Paul also wants to learn new interview skills and write articles, and is particularly keen on recording our heritage for future generations as well as inspiring the present one.

He wants to improve perceptions of growing older by shifting the media portrayal of his generation, and inspire his peers to stay active in the community by showing them what opportunities and facilities exist.

Paul says: “I don’t feel young people regard me as old to the extent that I regarded people my age when I was young but I accept that there are stereotypes that need dispelling.

“I like to communicate with my neighbours as equals rather than me being someone from a former (older, wiser and morally superior) era and I find that they seem to respect that.

“I hope that young people don’t see our recollections from the past as just boring ramblings but as part of a living history from which they can learn.”

Read more about the Talking About My Generation campaign here.

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