FULL NAME: Christopher Vickers

AGE: 67


Our reporter, Chris Vickers, found retirement traumatic – but was encouraged by a friend to try Walking Football and now play four times a week! He is also part of a writers group at Critchley Café with his wife.

Chris joined the Talking About My Generation team as a new learning opportunity and to meet new people.

He is passionate about investigating what opportunities are available now for older people in the community and wants to show that retirement should be seen as an opportunity to do more and try new things.

Chris thinks retirement should be seen as being a positive thing and that people should not be excluded on age.

Chris says: “Hopefully retirement can these days be viewed as a new beginning rather than an ending and  ‘silver surfers’ can be much more active and productive; enjoying arts and crafts and/or sporting activities and much more – whatever their passion is.”

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