The Media Cubs team is set for an exciting year as a new website launches to support the growth of the programme.

Media Cubs is a project of Yellow Jigsaw that was inspired by Yellow Jigsaw director Kirsty Day who, as a mum-of-two and journalist, failed to find clubs that celebrated the views, creativity and individuality of her children.

Digging deeper, she found that there is a massive imbalance between who shapes and who consumes the news: A report by City University in 2016 found that the British journalism industry is 94% white and 86% university-educated, and The Guardian found that 51% of leading journalists are privately educated.

Summer schools, clubs and parties have been trialled for a year – gathering feedback from teachers, parents – and of course children themselves – to inspire more than 40 hours of Media Cubs sessions.

Kirsty said: “There’s a place for everyone in our newsroom, and now more than ever it is critical that the next generation of news is fair, inclusive and representation of our communities.

“We’re so excited to have worked with ATTAIN to build this website and give the programme a platform to grow. The more mini reporters we can inspire, the better!”

Find out more about the team here