Media Cubs

Kids’ pop-up TV studio & newsroom

What is Media Cubs?

Diversifying the news, one mini reporter at a time

The Media Cubs pop-up TV studio And newsroom inspires kids from all backgrounds to broadcast confidence and learn how to create, debate and navigate the news.

‘Mini reporters’ get to work with Media Cubs characters Jack, Archie and Cece in the town of CubChester, to learn the values of the newsroom: from leadership and teamwork to honesty and courage.

They also get the opportunity to interview real life role models from newspaper and magazine editors and journalists to Covid scientists, Formula One strategists and palaeontologists.

Diversifying the news, one mini reporter at a time

The Media Cubs mission is a bold one. 51% of leading journalists in the UK are privately educated. There’s a massive imbalance between who shapes and who consumes the news. Media Cubs is driven by the belief that kids from all backgrounds have a place in the newsroom and should feel confident that their views matter.

Our Impact

Out of 308 mini reporters we spoke to as part of our latest impact survey 91% told us they feel more confident after attending Media Cubs, 97% said they learned something new and 87% said they feel like their views and opinions are important.


Felt more confident


Learned something new


Feel like their views are important

What is Media Cubs?

Where it all began…

It was created by Yellow Jigsaw co-founders Grace Dyke and Kirsty Day after Kirsty failed to find after-school clubs that celebrated the views, creativity and individuality of her own two children.

As a former journalist, she came up with the idea to create a newsroom for children. Now, Media Cubs pop-up TV studio and newsroom has developed into school clubs, community clubs, holiday clubs and parties that are all jam-packed with media, digital and creative challenges – from photography, comic strip-making, newspaper reporting and TV interviewing – while also learning about the real-life news agenda and what’s fake and what’s not.

Media Cubs works with family-friendly brands to provide content creation opportunities for the mini reporters

Enabling brands and organisations to put young people and children at the centre of their communications.

A talented bunch

From hosting press conferences with Greater Manchester Police to find out more about their youth programmes, to filming and presenting behind-the-scenes content for theatre productions, the mini reporters can provide relatable content that appeals to children and parents alike.

Would your next campaign benefit from a sprinkle of Media Cubs magic?

Find out what people have to say about our Media Cubs work

The team at Media Cubs are an absolute delight to work with and we were thrilled with the digital content they created to accompany our children’s theatre production, Stan. The reporters were curious, confident, enthusiastic and well informed. Their visit to the set was by far and away our favourite PR meeting of the whole tour! We look forward to collaborating with the team again in the future.

Rachel Moorhouse, Creative Director – Art with Heart