Our Media Cubs project team is delighted to announce that we are delivering two new after-school clubs in primary schools in Trafford.

The pop-up TV studio and newsroom will be hosted for 10 weeks in The Firs Primary School, and 12 weeks in Woodheys Primary School. A total of 30 budding reporters, aged 9-11, will join the newsroom and be set media, digital and creative challenges to build their skills and confidence and make their own news.

Kirsty Day, Media Cubs “Big boss”, will be hosting the sessions. She said: “We’re excited to get going in two schools where, up until now, the choice of after-school clubs for creative, media-savvy children has been limited.

“We get a range of kids with varying favourite topics – from Pokemon to politics- and various roles that they are interested in taking on in the newsroom – from camera operators to cartoonists.

“There’s a place for everyone in our newsroom, and we can’t wait to give them a space that will celebrate their creativity and individuality.”

Jon Beisly, headteacher at Woodheys Primary School, said: “We are excited to have a creative writing and news after school club. I am passionate about providing the very best opportunities for all our pupils and they are all really enjoying being part of the Media Cubs news team.

“I wanted to provide an innovative and creative experience to engage and excite our pupils to learn about the possibilities that media presentation could provide. During the Media Cubs after school club, the children thrived and were so passionate and proud of what they had learnt. Every single child grew in confidence and gained invaluable experience across a wide range of media skills. This after school club is unlike anything else that we as a school are able to offer to our pupils, it has unlocked unknown potential in our pupils and has provided a platform for them to shine.”

If you would like to know more about your child’s school hosting a Media Cubs club then please do not hesitate to get in touch.