Mastering media interviews

In the world of social enterprises, charities, and values-based businesses, media interviews can be a powerful tool to amplify your message, reach new audiences and create a lasting impact.

The topic is one of our favourites – but can be a source of fear for many of our clients. Concerns about getting “caught out” by the interviewer and feeling underprepared are often cited.

Armed with a few key tips and tools that are mentioned below and covered in detail in our in-person and online workshops you will feel ready to take on any media interview situation!

  • Be Authentic: One of the key ingredients to a successful media interview is authenticity. Share your passion, your mission, and the stories that drive your work. Audiences connect with real people and genuine emotions, so don’t be afraid to let your true self shine through – avoid jargon and acronyms! Being authentic also means being mindful of your communication habits and accepting that we all have them – we just need to keep them under control! Practise interviewing with a trusted colleague or friend to identify any habits you may have – from gesticulating to using filler words – so you can enter any media interview aware of habits you need to manage.
  • Prepare, Prepare, Prepare: While you want to appear natural and unscripted, thorough preparation is essential and will boost your confidence ahead of the interview. Research the interviewer and the outlet – check the context of the interview and whether there will be any other interviewees involved, so that you can decide whether the tone of the interview suits your organisation. This research will also help you to anticipate questions and rehearse your key messages.
  • Create your message matrix: This magic tool will help you stay on message and avoid any digressions. Using this tool, you will walk into any media interview armed with the key messages, stats and calls to action to clearly, compellingly and concisely represent your organisation. You can access the message matrix as a handout and practical exercise via our in-person and online training.
  • Storytelling Matters: Humans are wired to connect through stories – and organisations in our sector are rich with heart-warming stories. Share real-life stories of how your organisation has made a difference in the lives of people or communities; giving names (anonymous if necessary) to bring the case studies to life.
  • Stay on track: it is easy to feel thrown by a surprise question – but there is a nifty technique we use in our training to effectively manage this situation and steer your interview back to your key messages. Find out more about our training to learn more about this “ABC” technique…

Remember, media interviews are a chance to share your organisation’s passion and mission with the world. By being authentic, prepared, and focused on positive stories, you can connect with your audience and make a lasting impact. Embrace these opportunities, and watch your message resonate in the hearts and minds of your audience!

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