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‘The support material for the training is exceptional, professional and informative and we truly appreciate it. I can truly say that the quality of work is way beyond the standards I have seen.’


Photo MCT Kevin

 Nigel McKinney, Manchester Community Transport, featured in CTA UK


LIMITED TIME ONLY: Our All ABOARD dementia and mental health ‘train the trainer’  training package has an introductory offer of:

  • a training needs analysis to adapt learning outcomes to your workforce

  • tailored materials for both learners and trainer

  • delivery of a train the trainer half day course

  • free press coverage

  • Ongoing support for the trainer

…….for an introductory price of £550


Are you and your staff confident in supporting customers with dementia or a mental health illness? Would you know how to support a customer experiencing difficulties?

Thanks to the All ABOARD training package delivered by Yellow Jigsaw, Manchester Community Transport (MCT) are miles ahead of competitors with increased awareness of the most common illnesses.

With 1 in 14 people over 65 developing dementia, and 24% of MCT’s passengers holding an over 60 concessionary pass, MCT identified a clear need for dementia awareness training. Mental health awareness was also identified as a training need, with 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health condition every year.

In order to create tailored training to MCT’s drivers, a training needs analysis was delivered through drivers’ pay packets and incentivised with high street vouchers. Based on the results, Yellow Jigsaw provided a one hour train the trainer workshop that covered definitions and signs and symptoms of dementia and the most common mental health illnesses.

Both dementia and mental health illnesses are often described as ’invisible diseases’, so it was important to MCT that training emphasised to drivers that passengers who appear to be struggling may be living with an ‘invisible’ disability or condition. With this important learning outcome in mind, the All ABOARD train the trainer package educated learners on how to deliver a standard response to supporting passengers who appear to be struggling.

The training’s main messages were reinforced by posters setting out the standard response to helping customers in need, which will be displayed in MCT’s staff rooms.

Kevin McCarthy, training and development officer at MCT said: “Thousands of people in Greater Manchester are living with dementia or a mental health illness, many of whom will be our customers, so it is important that we are geared up to support people with these ‘invisible diseases’ by giving our drivers the right information on how to respond when a passenger appears to be struggling.

“Yellow Jigsaw has made the content of the training fun and interactive, which is an added bonus for our drivers. That’s why we plan to include the All ABOARD training package in every new driver’s induction.”

For more information on a tailored training package for your organisation, please contact us at hello@yellowjigsaw.co.uk or visit www.yellowjigsaw.co.uk

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