Local versus national coverage: and how to achieve both 

We recently received the following question in our DMs:

We are an organisation with national coverage and no geographical base as such, are we less likely to be picked up by the press as there is no local angle?

While having a national coverage without a specific geographical base may pose challenges in terms of local press coverage, it does not necessarily mean that your organisation will be overlooked by the media – here’s how you can make the most of both valuable sources of press coverage:

  1. Going local: it’s who you know

Your organisation may not be local – but the people who work for it may give you a local hook.

Have you got an award-winning employee, an incredible success story of a customer or client, or a new celebrity ambassador? All of these stories can be tweaked to a local angle, based upon the location of the subject.

2. Going national: make it big

While local angles can be attractive to regional publications, national outlets and industry-specific publications are often interested in broader stories that have national relevance.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a multi-million pound business that covers all corners of the UK. Think about how you can demonstrate how your work relates to broader societal debates or helps to address national issues.

One way of strengthening your national pitch is to time your pitch nationally. Is there a new law, a policy change, an awareness week or major scandal that your organisation can comment on and respond to with your own story! Riding on the back of national comment is a great opportunity to secure your own national coverage.

3. Go niche to go national

Securing national press coverage does not necessarily mean hitting the broadsheet papers. Why not explore the potential for trade press for coverage that connects with an engaged and relevant audience?

From criminal justice, small charities to local government: there will be online news platforms dedicated to sector-specific research. Give it a google and start building relationships with relevant journalists online.

Ultimately, local versus national coverage needn’t be the debate you have. Both provide amazing opportunities for exposure for your organisation – and with a little creativity and research, both can be achievable regardless of the size of your business.

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