Lived experiences highlighted in new mental health network video


The Yellow Jigsaw team has partnered with the Greater Manchester Older People’s Mental Health Network to create a short video which shares a series of heartwarming stories from people in the region.

The network, facilitated by Manchester Community Central and the Greater Manchester Older People’s Network, launched in March 2023 with the aim of ensuring that the voices of older people with lived experience of mental health are able to influence and transform support across the city region.

With frequent meetings and events, they raise awareness and talk about stigma, access and interventions.

The new video, created as part of the Fairer Health For All campaign by the GM Integrated Care Partnership, captures the lived experiences of five individuals from the network, more about their lives and what the group means to them.

Liz Jones, Development Manager at the Greater Manchester Older People’s Network, said: “Yellow Jigsaw and Talking About my Generation have done a fantastic job of helping the mental health network tell the story of its journey so far and showing the lived experience that is central to getting older people’s voices heard in this area.

“People need to feel comfortable and trust to be able to tell their stories – Yellow Jigsaw always works with sensitivity and professionalism.”

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