Kick menopause to the curb: Projects collaborate to encourage menopausal women to take to the pitch across the UK

Yellow Jigsaw is delighted to have have collaborated with the Manchester Football Association, Nike and Age UK Trafford to launch a new campaign which hopes to inspire more women to take up recreational football.

The digital campaign features a series of videos aiming to inspire women to reignite or spark their passion for the sport.

Aimed at women of perimenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal age, the campaign encourages females to become more physically and socially active and improve their health, wellbeing and confidence.

A 16-week walking football course is currently taking place in Urmston, Trafford, with the hopes of continuing and expanding in other areas across Greater Manchester.

Around 30 women are currently taking part in the activity programme, which also offers informative workshops about menopause and a free customised sports bra courtesy of partners Nike.

It is further encouraging people to find their local recreational football club by using the England Football club search tool.

Kirsty Day, Media Director at Yellow Jigsaw, said: “We really got behind this campaign because it’s important that more women know that there is a club out there waiting for them. During menopausal age, some women experience changes in mood and are left feeling a loss of self.

“These amazing activities tackle exactly that, so we hope that it inspires them to get off the sidelines and to give it a go. The project was a brilliant opportunity to collaborate on such a positive project with these brands and we know that it will have an impact.”

Nicole Flynn, Women’s Recreational Football Officer at Manchester Football Association, said: “The beautiful game knows no age. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner, walking football is a great way to improve your fitness, confidence, and make new friends.

“The clubs are great fun and we can’t wait to see where this campaign goes, hopefully expanding opportunities for more women soon.”