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Welcome to the first Yellow Jigsaw blog. Behind the random name are two young women who are starting out along the road of entrepreneurship- with all the excitement and fear that such a journey brings.

Before I write further about the women behind the name, perhaps I should explain the name itself. I’m sure you can’t guess from its obscurity what it is!

Yellow Jigsaw is a social enterprise that provides not for profit PR, training and event management services – with a twist. A twist that is crucial to our company’s existence; a twist that we hope will transform the way our clients work.

We offer our PR clients a free service to improve their social impact. A recent example which sums social impact up in one simple, generous and ingenious act is this:

So, on to the women behind Yellow Jigsaw. The first: a journalist married with two children. The other: a business studies graduate who lives with her partner- that’s me.

We met at our current jobs working for a well known charity. We are still employed, but are constantly distracted by the dream we have of breaking free completely and pursuing Yellow Jigsaw full time. Until that moment, we shall be known as our alter egos ‘Bee’ and ‘Gazelle’. All will be revealed in time!

This blog will follow our progress, challenges and successes of becoming our own bosses. And of course, there will be plenty of PR and event management hints and tips!

We invite you to join us. Share your entrepreneurial experiences, your tips for juggling ambition with life’s demands, or simply make a comment on anything you see here 🙂

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