As part of our ethos to help change the media landscape and give more people a voice, we have joined forces with the brilliant Inspire Women Oldham team to create a fabulous all female news team.
The Inspire Women group aims to nurture and empower women by providing an open and welcoming space filled with support, and will be working with us on this new project to develop their media skills in a specially designed programme that will be shaped around their individual interests and passions.
Sally Bonnie, founder of  Inspire Women Oldham, said: “Working in partnership with Yellow Jigsaw is such a fabulous fit for our organisation and members.  So many of the women engaged in this project have been on incredible growth journeys over the past few years; during Covid they stepped up to help so many women who were lonely and isolated.  They are all incredibly passionate about women’s voices being heard, campaigning for change. Their mantra “We are StrongHer Together”.  This project is central in enabling them to share women’s stories and we are very much looking forward to what comes next.”
Over a six month period, the group will be introduced to news writing, photography, video making, social media and more, to give them the skills, confidence and most importantly, a platform to start sharing their own stories and experiences. As part of the programme they are also working with Vic Turnbull from Mic Media to create their very own podcast series.
The group will be working both independently and collectively on news assignments centred around topics of their choice and are already looking forward to some days out together to gather and create stories.
Kirsty Day, Yellow Jigsaw Media Director and project leader, said: “This project aims to spark fresh ideas, inspire hobbies and open new doors for people, continuing long after the training programme is completed. It is amazing to be able to work with such incredible women to transform them into community reporters. They all have passions and stories to tell and we will give them the skills to share them.”
To find out more about Inspire Women, please visit their website here: