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Good for business. Great for community

By choosing Yellow Jigsaw, you’re choosing results driven experts who generate not only commercial value for our clients, but also social value: something that is becoming increasingly important to socially responsible customers and funders.

We donate 15% of our time to communication campaigns that address social issues. We also encourage and support our clients to improve their social value, with the mission of showing that socially responsible business means successful business.

We can offer social value boosting services to every media client- including:

Careers workshops for children and young adults

Could you improve your social value by sharing your career success tips with children and young adults in your local community? We’ll organise meaningful and effective engagement events.

Bitesize dementia awareness workshops

Is your organisation accessible to people with dementia? We’ll deliver bite size workshops for your staff and services to become dementia friendly.

Bitesize media workshops

Sharing our media skills with your stakeholders- and improving your social impact in the process. 

Fundraising events

Is there a charity in your community that could benefit from your support? We’ll help you manage fundraising events that raise money for your hose charity and awareness for your brand.

Community engagement events

The most effective social value activity starts with asking your stakeholders how you can make a difference to their lives. We’ll facilitate the events to start the conversation.

Social value audits

Not sure how well your organisation is delivering social value? Working with partners and local charters, we’ll help you identify your social value strengths and opportunities

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