Impact from Yellow Jigsaw project used as evidence in UK Parliament inquiry

An impact statement from Yellow Jigsaw project Talking About My Generation has been used as written evidence to support an ongoing UK Parliament inquiry: The rights of older people.

The inquiry will consider key issues faced by older people from their own perspectives and those of expert witnesses, including discrimination lawyers and advocacy organisations.

It will also look at how well older people’s rights are protected in equality law and whether there is an adequate framework to champion older people’s rights, including in the machinery of government.

Our Talking About My Generation project includes a team of 12 reporters aged 60+ who live in Greater Manchester, representing different backgrounds and all united in their mission to challenge misrepresentation of ageing in the UK media by producing their own positive and productive coverage online, printed and in podcast format.

These positive representations challenge prevailing stereotypes and offer a broader, varied view of ageing.

The evidence submitted highlighted how our platform, Talking About My Generation, is empowering older individuals to challenge negative, ageist portrayals by creating their own media coverage that promotes positive images of ageing and highlights the rich contributions of older role models.

96% of Talking About My Generation readers who responded to a research survey conducted by Manchester Metropolitan University said they felt that Talking About My Generation content had a positive effect both on their mood and their outlook on their age.

Grace Dyke, Strategic Director at Yellow Jigsaw, said: “Through our projects, we’re committed to empowering people to use their voices and experiences to positively influence the world around them. Talking About My Generation harnesses the reporters’ collective life experiences and new-found media skills to combat ageism effectively. The platform fosters a sense of community among older people, offering a space for them to connect, share, and support one another. We’re thrilled that we can contribute to such an inquiry and eagerly await its findings.”

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