Entrepreneur Jane Kenyon is inspiring young women to believe they CAN shine

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Jane Kenyon is a serial entrepreneur, motivational coach, inspirational speaker, author, blogger and female champion – who is backing our #imnotjohn campaign.

She has spent the past 10 years working exclusively with women and teenage girls and her passion for potential is contagious.

Jane has lived a real life, packed with challenges, highs and lows and is well respected for her honesty, authenticity and inspiration, which drives her to help others.

The #imnotjohn campaign wants to encourage people to support Jane’s social enterprise – Girls Out Loud – by signing up as mentors to teenage girls.

Read more about Jane and her work in this week’s blog….

I have worked exclusively with women and teenage girls for more than 10 years and I am constantly amazed at how we manage to simultaneously switch between the persona of Little Miss invincible and ‘ Little Miss I am not enough.’

I meet awesome women and talented teenage girls every day who somehow have decided they are not good enough or not ready for greatness and it makes me want to scream!!!!

After a successful corporate career and 10 years on a roller coaster ride called entrepreneurship I set up an organisation called The Well Heeled Divas in 2007 with the mission to help women recognise what they need to do to step up and shine.

I, along with many other people, believe we are all meant to shine and shine we must!  Over the past eight years I have worked with thousands of women as a coach, trainer, motivator and change agent, running workshops, coaching programmes, motivational events and a network.

I have written two books on female empowerment, spoken all over the UK and Europe and my husband says that if you cut me down the middle the words female empowerment would run straight through me like a stick of Blackpool rock!

In 2009 I started to get antsy by what I saw and read in the media and beyond about the falling aspirations of our teenage girls, rising teen pregnancies, the self harming epidemic and more.

As a woman of action, a visionary and a leader with over 7,000 awesome women in my network, I decided to act, and after piloting a successful programme for a group of vulnerable, disengaged young girls in 2009 I set up a social enterprise called Girls Out Loud as a way of connecting my awesome network of sassy, strong and amazing divas with the next generation.

Since then Girls Out Loud has gone from strength to strength and inspired thousands of teenage girls to believe in themselves by embedding a more empowering mindset, celebrating their identity as more than their appearance or ‘hot monitor’.

Our flagship programme is a 12 month mentoring programme called BIG SISTER where we recruit and train women from all walks of life to be a mentor to a young girl for 12 months.

The Big Sister programme targets the girls who, typically sit in the middle of the cohort and cruise seeking validation in all the wrong places and definitely not hitting their true potential.

We believe it is these girls who are the future leaders, managers and entrepreneurs of the UK and if we do not invest in them today we will pay a huge price in the not too distant future.

At a time when every corporate organisation is fixated on pipeline challenges Girls Out Loud is nurturing the leaders of tomorrow by introducing them to the female leaders of today.  It’s that simple.

We absolutely subscribe to the #imnotjohn campaign as do all our Big Sisters past and present, all our ambassadors, board members, volunteers and team.

What we do today matters, for our girls to believe they are enough, we have to believe we are.  That is what it means to be a real role model.


Find out more about Jane and subscribe to her weekly blog at www.jane-kenyon.com or follow her on twitter @divadomrocks

Or come and meet her at the #imnotjohn launch event on Monday, November 9. For more information click here.

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