Kirsty Day and Grace Dyke – directors of Yellow Jigsaw

Kirsty and Grace are delighted to have made the final 19 of a national funding competition delivered by Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs (DBACE) with their primary school literacy and media programme, Media Cubs.

ACTION: Media Cubs from Woodheys Primary School, Sale, Trafford, Greater Manchester

The project, currently piloted across Trafford thanks to funding secured by Trafford Housing Trust, transforms the classroom into the newsroom in order to inspire the next generation to believe that they can use the power of words to influence the world around them.

The competition will see the pair compete in a live pitch, with the final five contestants battling for a slice of the £50,000 prize money in July. 

MeWe360, who facilitate the competition, said: “Congratulations to the 19 #DBACE applicants who’ve made it to the next round of the competition. We received nearly 400 applications and had to make some tough decisions, however this shortlisted group went above and beyond.”

The full list of finalists can be viewed here.