Community-led media and video production

Our projects fulfil our mission to ensure people from all backgrounds have the skills and platforms to make their voices heard

Our Projects

Our kids-led video production service, Media Cubs, and the UK’s first older peoples’-led news platform, Talking About My Generation, are empowering people from different generations to broadcast their confidence and create news and media content that they can’t find elsewhere.

Media Cubs

Kids’ pop-up TV studio & newsroom

Talking About My Generation

The UK’s first older people’s-led news team

Community Reporter Training

Our community reporter training programmes provides tailored group training and one-to-one support for people from all backgrounds to build their reporting confidence and skills.

We turn the volunteers, colleagues and beneficiaries you work with into news teams that broadcast their stories and promote the work of your organisation.

Find out how we did this for women’s empowerment social enterprise, Inspire Women Oldham, here: