Common press release mistakes – and how to avoid them

Crafting an effective press release is an art that can’t be underestimated – but is easy when you know how!

Let’s explore some positive tips to sidestep pitfalls and enhance the chances of your press release standing out:

Choose people over sales:

One cardinal sin in press releases is making them sound like a sales pitch. Journalists and readers alike are drawn to stories about people, not blatant advertisements. Shift the focus from your company to the human element within the narrative. Highlight the individuals, their journeys, and the impact of your story on real lives.

Photo power:

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in the realm of press releases, this holds true. An accompanying photo can make or break your story. Ensure your visuals are of high quality, in landscape format and evoke the essence of your message – all of which can be achieved using a smartphone camera.

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Timing Is Everything:

Sending a press release too late or too early can sabotage your efforts. Journalists work under tight deadlines, and outdated news is swiftly discarded. Always be mindful of the timing; send your release when it’s fresh and relevant. Avoid the common error of reporting events that occurred weeks ago; timeliness is key to media interest.

Formatting Finesse:

Journalists are time-pressed individuals. Don’t let the formatting of your press release be the reason they move on. Present your information in a clear, concise, and easily digestible format. Use headlines, subheadings, and bullet points to break down key information. A well-formatted press release is more likely to catch the eye of a busy journalist.

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By steering clear of these common mistakes, you can transform your press release into a powerful tool for media engagement. Embrace the human aspect, harness the visual impact, respect timing, and master formatting to ensure your message shines through the noise of the media landscape. Your press release is not just a statement; it’s an invitation for journalists and readers to connect with a compelling story.

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