Success Stories…

How Yellow Jigsaw has helped organisations increase their reach.

The SpongeBob Musical UK

Videos produced to promote the UK wide tour


Theatre marketing agency Dressing Room 5 requested a video for YouTube and social media channels to help promote The SpongeBob Musical tour across the UK to families and young people.


A team of our mini reporters were sent to the press evening in Manchester, where they interviewed the cast backstage, enjoyed the show, shared reviews and interviewed other audience members.


The reporters’ video amassed 50,000 views on YouTube and a further 15,000 across Instagram and Twitter.


A series of videos produced for an outdoor adventure company 


GoApe approached our team at Media Cubs, requesting action-packed videos led by young people which would help the brand stand out and promote their activities which are targeted at children and families


Media Cubs mini reporters enjoyed an exciting day out on the GoApe high-ropes whilst our video production team captured their adventures, as well as their gleaming reviews.


The ‘shorts’ posted on GoApe’s YouTube channel culminated 302,604 views and 8,653 likes, with an additional 5,533 reach on Facebook. The content can be re-shared across all channels to continue the promotion of the activity centre.

What the F(inance)

A series of articles produced by older people 


Our own news team over at Talking About My Generation felt like their platform could be used to help promote information, advice and opinions and money.


The team were awarded a budget from the National Lottery Community Fund to produce a series of articles with the aim of reaching as many other older people in Greater Manchester as possible. 


 A total of 14 articles and one podcast was published on the Talking About My Generation website, which amassed over 64,000 views and counting, helping to spread vital information about pensions, cost of living tips, energy grants and discounts for older people. 

This project allowed me to help other older people by sharing useful money-saving tips and I was really pleased when I realised how many people had read my articles.”

Pauline Smith, reporter 

Stop Loan Sharks

Creating a digital content pack with young people in Wigan


Stop Loan Sharks, the England Illegal Money Lending Team, was looking for a new way to communicate their important message to young people and young adults. 


We facilitated eight sessions with young people aged 12-16 recruited from Wigan Youth Zone to create a digital content pack including two YouTube videos, six Instagram posts and 12 Tiktoks, all of which used current trends to educate people about the dangers of loan sharks.


The digital pack amassed over 10,000 views online in total and was picked up by the local publication Wigan Today, sharing the success of their project and highlighting the important work done by Stop Loan Sharks, who are aiming for more people to come to them to report a loan shark and seek advice. 

“I really liked this project because it brought out confidence in me that I never knew was possible. Thank you for all the great times and memories that we have made. I loved the experience and the laughs we shared, I would love to work on something great again.”

Katie, young reporter 

“Thank you for all the memories created over these past weeks. This was a great opportunity for us all.” 

Daisy, young reporter

Trafford Carers Centre

Upskilled and empowered to become community reporters in Trafford.


Charity Trafford Carers Centre was looking for a way to strengthen carers’ voices in Trafford; and an opportunity to give them new skills and confidence beyond their role as carers.


We support carers of all ages to form the “Lightning Bees” reporter team: developing the their media skills in interviewing, photography, filming and writing news articles based on the topics that mattered most to them.


During our time with the team they created:

10 news articles blogs/press

10 news video packages

10 social media clips
4 graphic videos from reporter’s poems

…and supported one live event in Carers Week.


“100% of reporters said that they felt more confident and felt like they had learned something new”

Lightning Bees reporter survey results

“I feel more confident and will take this to other areas of my life”

Lightning Bees reporter

Older people winter campaign

created and led by Older People


Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham’s Ageing Hub was in need of an information video that would communicate key advice to older people and professional on keeping well during the Winter.


The Talking About My Generation news team turned the Ageing Hub’s key messages into a relatable and engaging script: performed by the reporters themselves.


A video viewed by more than 5000 people on YouTube and social media in the first week and shown on TFGM Bus shelters across Greater Manchester- forming part of a social media campaign seen by 10,000+ residents. Its success resulted in the video being emulated by the Catalonian government for their Winter campaign.

“I’ve seen a lot of these types of videos over the past few years and this is by the far the best video I have seen. The video is the strongest element of the campaign- it isn’t a dry public health video”

Greater Manchester Older People’s Network member

“This is an outstanding initiative and I totally commend the efforts of the GM area in doing this. The video really hit the spot for me. It was informative, easy to understand and emotive.”

Dr David Attwood, GP Partner and Hon Sec. of the British Geriatrics Society

Women in Oldham

Upskilled and empowered to create their own news team


Female Empowerment social enterprise Inspire Women Oldham wanted to raise the voices of women and empower them to share their stories to effect change for others from all backgrounds.


We created a female-led media team within Inspire Women Oldham through a series of community reporter workshops, one-to-one support training and events. The ‘StrongHER Together’ media team were upskilled to write blog content, interview influencers, create social media posts and create video content.


We were so proud to see the content created by the team:

32 blogs,

3 videos

4 press hits

4 podcasts (produced in partnership with Mic Media)- but more importantly, we’re proud of the growth experienced by the newly trained community reporters.

“The approach from Yellow Jigsaw was fabulous from start to finish; Kirsty’s empathy and understanding of our members was a huge part of their growth journey in both confidence and skills.

“The collaboration with Vic from Mic Media worked perfectly too. For organisations like Inspire it’s so important that our members have the capacity to share stories and to use their voices to shape and influence their futures- what better way than learning how to write and record stories. I know this isn’t the end of the journey for our collaboration and that makes me feel very happy! On behalf of everyone at Inspire thank you for helping women to become more visible.”

Sally Bonnie, co-founder of Inspire Women Oldham