Big heart


Our Big Heart network and Flourish CIC have become quite attached to each other and will be sharing our love with you by hosting another lunch and learn session.

We are both devoted to growing your knowledge, and the next event, a ‘Business Planning Made Simple’ workshop will do just that.

So, if you are yearning to get your business model right, sign up and we will help you apply for funding, generate trading income and have a clearer focus on your day to day activities.

Together, we’ll cover:

  • Understanding your business model – A practical look at how ‘Theory of Change’ and ‘Business Model Canvas’ tools can be used to clarify your mission and what you need to achieve it.
  • Good financial planning tips and tools – Demystifying the world of budgeting, income/expenditure, profit & loss, scenario planning and making efficiencies so you can finance your social enterprise.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, October 24 at Innospace, Manchester. Register today.

For more information, contact Grace on