cash for kids

Fundraising manager at Beechwood Cancer Care Centre – Angela Gray – is a pro at running successful campaigns. Her latest success saw the Silver Wing Appeal – which marked the 25th anniversary of the charity smash its £100,000 target. And just before that another £100,000 was raised for the children’s centre at Beechwood through Key 103’s Cash for Kids appeal.

So take note of her top tips for a successful fundraising campaign.

  1. Make sure you define your issue and set realistic goals that are tangible. The message that you communicate has to be clear and simple for people to get on board with it.
  2. Have a fun and engaging theme – like for our Silver Wing Appeal, where we used silver wings as a visual effect.
  3. Always make your campaign about people. Tell a story. Be different. Make it visual. Use emotion to capture hearts and minds!
  4. Your goal is to get your message out to your supporters and make them take action – so make sure you establish a sense of urgency. Have a time frame for the campaign.
  5. Be creative, inspire supporters to act and ensure that it is easy for them to do so.
  6. Build relationships. It could be a press partnership or the support of an ambassador – either way, it helps to spread the word.
  7. Stay focused and continue to engage with supporters throughout the campaign, giving updates on how much has been raised so far, how much there is still to raise and how many people have already been helped with the support that has been shown so far.

Good luck!