What a charity or social enterprise should do in a media crisis situation

Billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffet once said: "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." Your charity or social enterprise may never face a media crisis but if you only start thinking about how to deal with one when it happens,

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Is your brand on brand?

Charities are facing challenging times with a difficult economic climate, lack of trust and reductions in government funding and services leaving non-for-profits under pressure. At times like this it might seem frivolous to be concerned about your organisation's brand. But Big Heart believes this is precisely the right time to show your image some love.

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Big Heart Network – How to get the most out of working with the press

With ever decreasing resources in the printed press and the rise of streamlined online outlets journalists are under pressure from all sides. They no longer have the luxury of turning every single press release that hits their inbox into news. So how can charities and social enterprises make the most out of working with the

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Big Heart Network – Using social media for your charity campaign

Everyone is on social media these days and charities should be where their supporters, and prospective supporters, are. But how can you make your charity campaign stand out from all the other good causes and bad selfies that crowd our timelines? Here are four top tips Big Heart loves.   Create interesting content Posts need

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Big Heart Network: Your Questions Answered

The support and interest in the network has been amazing, and shows the ambition and passion big-hearted organisations have to reach more people and gain more support. Wanting to learn more about Big Heart membership? Here are the most commonly asked questions so far:   Can I try it out first? Yes- first time visits

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